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Periodontology is the medicine of gums. Healthy gums are a prerequisite to a healthy mouth. Bleeding gums, receeding gums, loss of tooth support, mobile teeth are all among the many symptoms of periodontal deseases.

Periodontal deseases vary in extent, severeness, and are linked to age , sex , race, and mostly general health.

The relationship between general health and periodontal health is proven today. A periodontal desease may worsen a general desease ( cardiovascular, arthritis, prostate cancer) as well as a genaral desease may be the cause of a periodontal desease. (diabete, kidney issues, etc…)

The treatments vary in length, and procedures according to the severeness and the specificity of the desease itself.

A periodontal scanning will enable to pose a diagnose and eventually to plan a treatment.

We offer all the range of periodontal treatments enhanced by the LOKKI LASER. www.lobel-medical.fr

We propose non-surgical , surgical, as well as esthtetic (soft tissue management) gum treatments depending on the needs.


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