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Functional Dentistry

Functional dentistry deals with the ability to chew comfortably , with clenching, grinding, pain , clicking TMJ and stress.

Temporo-madibular joints (TMJ) are the articulations that enable the jaw to open and close smoothly during mastication and phonation.

Function is dependent on teeth , TMJ, and muscles. If one of these is deficient, then functional problems may occure.

Functional problems may lead to either muscle pain, periodontal disease, or meniscal (TMJ) problems (cliking, pain).

We offer at the Nacar Dental Clinic the optimal treatments leading to a total masticary comfort.

1. Self management

  • Rest your jaw: The key to rest is keeping your teeth apart, eating soft foods and reduce psycohological stress.
  • Ice and/or heat packs over the joint for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gentle mouth opening exercises guided by a physiotherapist.

2. Physiotherapy

3. Bite splint

A bite-raising appliance is often a very good method of reducing symptoms. This fits over the teeth and prevents grinding and/or clenching (often occurs at night). Because of the anatomy of the TMJ, this type of appliance alters the functional relationship of the joint elements and therefore gives symptomatic relief.

4. Medications

Anti-inflammatory, pain relief medications, or muscle relaxants may help.

5. Other alternative therapy such as chiropractic or acupuncture can also be affective

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