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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are dental procedures which enable to restore and/or replace missing and/or broken or worn out tooth or several teeth. These prosthetic elements are fully fabricated in-house with the upmost recent CAD-CAM techniques(computerised aided machined, computerised aided design) techniques.

Case 1 : patient has 2 front teeth broken. They have been restored by 2 full ceramic crowns and a bleaching of natural teeth.

crowns and bridges


[highlight]CROWNS ON MODELS[/highlight]


[highlight]CROWNS IN THE MOUTH, INSIDE VIEW, CHECK HOW NATURAL THEY LOOK!![/highlight]crowns-and-bridges5

Case 3: This young man suffered from the lack of a canine leading to an esthetic default. 2 teeth were crowned and the others were treated and bleached.


[highlight]AFTER TREATMENT INSIDE VIEW[/highlight]crowns-and-bridges7

[highlight]SMILE AFTER TREATMENT[/highlight]crowns-and-bridges8

Case 4: This patient needed to chang these 25 years old crowns which suffered from aging. receeding and inflammed gums led to an unattractive smile.



[highlight]AFTER TREATMENT WHICH CONSISTED OF 10 NEW CROWNS [/highlight]crowns-and-bridges10

Admire the beauty of the smile once harmony has been restored!


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