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Aesthetic Dentistry

At the Nacar Dental Clinic every patient is examined under 4 critical aspects of equal importance upon which we establish a Treatment Plan.

-The Biomecanics ( cavities, infections, wear out of teeth),

-The Periodontal status (gum deseases),

-the Functional aspect, and


Aesthetics is the part of dentistry dealing with the beauty of the smile. many parameters are considered in orderr to maintain or restore a beautiful smile. These parameters vary from the shape and color of the teeth themselves but also from the shape of the gums, the lips and the whole harmony of the face.

Even though symetry is important, harmony is the key to success.

Many treatment options are proposed in order to restore the smile. They include veneers, bleaching, inlays/onlays, crowns and bridges as well as composite fillings.

Bleaching Veneers/ Facettes Ceramic Inlays Crowns and Bridges

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