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Growing Smiles at Nacar Dental Clinic

At Nacar Dental our small patients take center stage.

The SUPER team:

Dr. Lalo, Pediatric Dentist

Our Philosophy: Prevention, prevention, prevention

Preventive dentistry is particularly important for children, whose teeth, mouth and gums are still developing. Preventing abnormal growth and cavities in children is easier, more painless and less costly than treating dental problems after they’ve fully developed. More importantly, having a healthy mouth helps children maintain better nutrition, self-esteem and overall health.

Effective Brushing

The best way to keep your child’s teeth healthy is with consistent brushing and flossing. Setting good habits at a young age makes all the difference. Of course, many parents know that’s easier said than done. Our team will partner with you and your child to help teach them the proper ways to take care of their teeth at home. We’ll make it fun and educational for them in the office, and we’ll send you home with a few tricks as well. Generally, we advise that you help your child brush their teeth through age 7. We realize that it can be tough, but the time invested will be more than worth it because it could save them from having to get dental problems fixed in the future.


Caries can cause painful toothaches and make life generally unpleasant for your child. At Nacar Dental Clinic, we’ll always go above and beyond to help protect your child’s smile
Two ways we can do this are with dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants involve applying a thin layer of a clear composite resin to the biting surfaces of your children’s back teeth in order to protect them from bacteria and food particles. They’re most often applied to the back teeth, and it’s a great way to give your child a little extra help while they are still learning to brush.
A fluoride treatment involves the application of a fluoride solution, and it will help restore the minerals that make their teeth strong and durable. This is why fluoride is often included in toothpastes. Be sure to ask about these treatments at your child’s next appointment!

Protection during Sports

Sports are one of the most common places people injure their teeth, and that’s especially true for children.
To protect their pretty smile on the field/court, we recommend that they should always wear a mouthguard. This will provide a layer of cushion for their teeth, lips, and gums should they come into contact with anything. Also, mouthguards have been shown to reduce the risk of concussions. We can provide your child with a custom-made mouthguard so they can be comfortable, protected, and keep their mind on the game/match.

Preventive/Interceptive Orthodontics

Preventive/interceptive orthodontics is the process of identifying malocclusions (crowded/crooked teeth or bite problems) and intervening to guide the teeth as they emerge into the mouth. This type of early orthodontic treatment may help prevent more extensive treatment later.

Early detection and treatment of orthodontic conditions allows us to:

  • Protect protruding front teeth from the risk of trauma
  • Improve oral hygiene and habits that may be contributing to a condition
  • Help your child avoid self-esteem issues or being made fun of by peers
  • Guide permanent teeth into their proper position to avoid spacing/crowding issues
  • Monitor and direct jaw growth and development

At what age should my child see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that all children receive an orthodontic screening THE LATEST by age 7

Signs in age 6-11

When to see an orthodontist earlier

There are some developmental, growth and bite problems that occur much earlier than age six to eleven. They warrant an examination by an orthodontist specialist as soon as detected or suspected by the parent or pediatric dentist. Growth and Development of children is a priority Dr. Lalo.

Signs in age 3-7 that need prompt orthodontic assessment

  • difficulty chewing
  • open mouth breathing
  • thumb or finger sucking
  • over-lapping or crowding of
 baby or permanent teet
  • jaws that click, pop or deviate to the side
  • cross bites
  • obvious abnormal bite development
  • obvious abnormal facial asymmetry

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How Preventive/Interceptive Orthodontics Could Help Your Child

Our team can designed custom orthodontic devices tailored to the individual needs of each child. Our most common orthodontic appliances include:

  • Custom “habit” appliances which help children stop thumb or finger sucking habits before developmental damage occurs.
  • Early expansion devices which correct crossbites or overbites before they become permanent.

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