Welcome to Nacar Dental Clinic

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday.Orthodontics also on Saturdays
  Contact : +3223720443


Nacar dental clinic

State-of-the-Art facilities  including 6 operatory rooms, comfortable waiting rooms and commodities, a large sterilisation room and an in-house dental laboratory. The operatory rooms are all equiped with high quality material having each of the 6 a specifity. One is a surgical room where all surgeries (implants placements, wisdom teeth avulsions, Bone graftings etc…)are realised. One room is equiped with a Microscope (Zeiss) for delicate acts which require great precision ( endodontics). One room is equiped with all the prophylaxy material  in which all cleanings and scalings are realised. The other rooms are dedicated to general dentistry in which are undertaken the more classical treatments.


The office is equiped with a ND-Yap Laser (Lokki) unit for bleaching treatments, surgeries,endodontics, and periodontal treatments.

It is also equiped with a Cone-Beam CBCT (Morita) scanner and an intra-oral 3Mtrue definition scanner for impression taking.

The in-house dental laboratory is equiped with Up-to-Date material like a zirconium milling machine, pressed ceramics and ceramics ovens, microscope, laser scanner, and all the necessary equiment to deliver the utmost quality in dental prosthesis.